Youtube Videos

Hacktoberfest 2022

I remember contributing to open source for the first time was incredibly overwhelming so earlier this week I created a couple of videos to help those that might need them:

1️⃣ The complete #hacktoberfest step-by-step guide, where we cover:

👉 The aim, the rules and registration in the Hacktoberfest event
👉 Github account creation
👉 What pull requests are
👉 How to create a pull request
👉 How to find suitable projects
👉 Some recommended projects
and more.

2️⃣ 8 #opensource projects you can contribute to

Where we explore 8 projects looking for contributions using Javascript, Python, Svelte, React, Discord.JS, and Vue. In addition, most of them provide non-code contribution options such as testing and documentation.

3️⃣ Why you should participate in opensource, where we talk about:

 👉 What the Hacktoberfest challenge is
 👉 Why it exists
 👉 What makes it the ideal first step into the open-source community
 👉 Why you shouldn't miss it
 👉 The Hacktoberfest swags